The Church of the Holy Trinity participates in what is known as Total Common Ministry. It is based on an understanding of Christian ministry that is closer to the early church model than to the church many of us grew up in.

By “Total,” we mean that ministry encompasses everything we do in church and in the world. “Common” means that everything we do grows out of a common vision of ministry, and everyone is given an opportunity to respond to God’s call to minister, regardless of age, gender, ability or background. You don’t need to be well-educated, highly talented or have an outgoing personality. We believe everyone is uniquely created for a larger purpose in life, and that our highest fulfillment comes in serving others in this way.

In addition to our participation in various regular and occasional community events, members of our congregation regularly participate in the following ministries:

Buildings & Grounds                    Andrew Milliken
Communications                          Eric Rennie
Evangelism                                    Steve Horst
House of Many Talents               Sharon Sheedy
Joyful Noise                                  Ty Warren
Ministry Support                         
Outreach Coordinator                  Liz Weise
Pastoral Care                               Brother Thomas Goddard
Showers for the Homeless          Carl Loges
St. Vincent DePaul Meals            Nancy Duchart and Bette Horne
Stewardship                                 Taylor Walsh
Youth Christian Education          Ash Pierce

We want everyone in this community to work towards supporting and nourishing one another as a parish family, as we grow spiritually in our life together. If there is an activity or ministry that you would like to see happening that is not listed here, please speak to a member of the Vestry.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to God through the use of your time, gifts and talent. We pray that you can join us.

All ministry leaders follow the Episcopal Church in Connecticut’s “Safe Church” guidelines for all ministries.  We are open, affirming, and conscious of boundaries. Please see ECCT’s Safe Church Resources page here.