A Note from Rev. Mary

Hello, dear Holy Trinity,

As vaccines become available and the weather warms and the green hope of new life pokes its way through the ashes of Ash Wednesday, we are busy walking towards Jerusalem (our hearts in our throats…hoping against hope) in good company with our new friends from St. John’s and soon, Trinity Portland, only to discover (in the weeks ahead) that we are headed towards Calvary.

This is a gruesome realization, accompanied by the awareness that we ourselves are somehow complicit. We are weighted down with a year’s worth of death and anxiety that even as our fate changes, we must never deny.

And yet there is resurrection. There is Resurrection. It is coming. It has already happened. It will happen again. He lives. We will live.

Join me as we live into this pivotal season in the largest way possible, that makes our own small, yet somehow also enormously important and valued lives make sense as part of a greater whole that surpasses our understanding even as we walk smack dab into it.

In Christ,