Lenten Words

Lent Words 2023

We are building a daily Lenten reflection to be shared with our community, similar to the Forward Movement offering Advent Word. Every day in Lent (Feb. 22-Apr. 1), we will share a word pulled from the day’s lectionary, along with a short reflection.

We need YOUR help! To start, we will build a list of daily words, and we need folks to help us choose meaningful words or short phrases from the lectionary. Choose a day in lent (or multiple days, if you feel so moved) and read the provided Gospel lesson, at https://www.lectionarypage.net/index.html

Carefully and thoughtfully read through the passage once, noting which words or phases catch your attention. Then read through it again. Did anything new catch your attention? What is God trying to say to you in this passage?

Multiple people can read the same passage, and you can explore as many as you like.

On January 18, we will share our Lenten Words, and invite folks to respond with creative reflections, which will then be shared throughout the Lenten season. We will need readers, writers, photographers, visual artists, poets and folks just like YOU to help us with this collaborative Lenten Word project.

Please send your collected words to ash.h.saylor@gmail.com by January 24th.

We will update this page with our Lenten Words for 2023 in February.