Showers For The Homeless

The Showers for the Homeless Project is a response to the needs of some of the most
vulnerable members of our community of Middletown. Despite significant interest taken
in homeless persons by various groups, there remain issues. Homeless persons often lack
such basic goods as 1) a place to store personal belongings, 2) a place to make phone calls,
3) a mailing address (an address is sometimes a necessary condition for receiving various
kinds of aid), and 4) a place to be when St. Vincent DePaul, the Warming Center, and the
Russell Library are closed. Another problem, one that has a far-reaching and devastating
impact on the physical and mental health of homeless persons, is 5) the lack of a means to
be clean. It is the need to be clean that Church of the Holy Trinity (CHT) hopes to address
by building a showers/laundry facility in its basement. This project is not yet complete.

For more information, you may read the Project Plan, or contact Carl Loges.