Safe Church

BASIC SAFE CHURCH TRAINING is designed for ordained and lay ministers who have not yet attended a safe church training in the Diocese of Connecticut. Topics include:

  • Prevention, identification and response to elder abuse
  • Prevention, identification and response to sexual abuse of children and youth
  • The newly revised Diocesan Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth
  • Power and Boundaries in the ministerial relationship with adults
  • The Diocesan response to misconduct within a community of faith
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Guidelines for Ordained Ministry (many of which apply to lay ministry)

This training may be eligible for continuing education credit at your place of employment. Check with your employer before attending the training session.

Diocesan Safe Church Training is grounded in our call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and respect the dignity of every human being. This training provides an opportunity to increase and enhance our ability to live out our Baptismal Covenant within our communities of faith and in the world beyond. All adults engaged in ministry in our diocese are welcome to attend safe church training. There is no fee to attend. All training sessions are handicapped accessible unless otherwise indicated. Parish leadership should specify who is required to attend safe church training from each parish. Guidelines for attendance can be found on page 5 of Healthy Church Practices which can be obtained on the diocesan web site at

Safe Church Training Schedule