Liturgical Ministries


The acolytes assist in the worship services on Sundays and with special services throughout the year.   Although we are a small group, we serve willingly to assist in our parish’s worship life.  All our acolytes are all to be commended for their dedicated service to God and His church.  Sunday School children help in the extinguishing of the candles at the end of the service.  These young people serve respectfully and are always willing to serve in this capacity. For more information you may contact Hector Pinero at 860-704-8434.

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Altar Guild

At Church of the Holy Trinity, the Altar Guild is a ministry of “quiet service.”  It is behind the scenes, but a most critical act of service to the church.  The members of the Altar Guild prepare the church for services and maintain the vessels, vestments and appurtenances for worship.  They care for the furnishings in the nave, sanctuary, sacristy, chapel, and any other area of the church where special worship will take place. For more information you may contact Stacey Rich at 860-681-2810.


Chalicers are volunteers who, after training, are licensed by the bishop to assist the clergy in administering the chalice at holy communion. For more information you may contact Veronika Webb at 860-788-2997.

Lay Readers

These are the men, women, and young people who read the lessons and lead the Creed at the Eucharist, as well as leading services of Morning and Evening Prayer both in church and at nursing homes. For more information you may contact Veronika Webb at 860-345-2610.

Memorial Flower Committee

Responsible for the lovely altar flower arrangements each Sunday and for the floral decoration of the church at Christmas and Easter, this committee also arranges for the flowers for weddings, funerals and memorial services. For more information you may contact Liz Wiess at 860-345-2832.


The ushers assist the congregation at the various services and functions held in the church. They distribute Church Bulletins, guide movement in the church for the Eucharist, help with collection of the offering, and welcome newcomers. For more information you may contact Andrew Milliken at 860-810-7599.