Benedictine Ministry

Brother Thomas Anthony Goddard, OSBBr. Thomas

Who am I?
I am a member of the Companions of St. Luke, a non-residential Benedictine religious community following the Rule of St. Benedict, and fully recognized by the Episcopal Church. Non-residential means that I do not live in a monastery, but live in my own home and my own town. My home, my community, and my parish are my cloister, where I live and serve God in whatever way He calls.

What do I do?

Each day begins with reciting Morning Prayer, followed later with Noon Day Prayer, Evening Prayer (Vespers), and ending with Compline.  Each of the Offices provides time to pray for others, particularly those with special needs within the Parish. In many ways, this is the core of what I do, following the command of St. Benedict: “Ora et Labora” Pray and Work. And also as St. Paul bids us to “pray without ceasing.”

My duties at home must be taken care of, and often have to be put aside for praying the Offices. This is mutual, for there are times when God, in His wisdom, interrupts me at times, even while saying Morning Prayer.  Some of the duties I am involved in include:
— visiting the sick, either at home or in a hospital, and administer Communion when requested
— assisting at the altar on Sunday or special occasions
— keeping in touch with chaplain at Middlesex Hospital
— private counseling
— conducting Quiet Mornings during Lent and/or Advent, or upon request
— providing layout and design for monthly issues of Trinity Trumpet