Prayers Before an Election

Times before an election are likely to be controversial and chaotic, and this one is no exception. Indeed, the country is so polarized that even a simple conversation with the other side is nearly impossible. In such a climate, offering prayers before the coming election offers us a way to put all this in God’s hands, asking that God’s will be done while expressing our own concerns and hopes.  In addition, it can help us to relate more faithfully to the issues that are before us, having prayed about them. Taking sides matters, but that’s not what this is about even if you tell God your side!

Both of us are planning to do this through October. If you’d like to join us in what we will be doing, here’s how:

> Call the church office for a copy of the brief orders of service and prayers from The Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, or you can download them from the church’s Facebook page here or below.

> Before you pray, decide what you want to pray for or about, “with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other.” After you have chosen one or a few concerns, see if any of the prayers listed are relevant.

> Then in a quiet place, be still and listen for God’s presence.

> Using one of the orders of service (morning, noon, evening, and before bedtime) offer your own prayers along with any others. You can repeat this once a week, daily, more than once a day, or as the spirit moves you. 

>   In addition, you could be reading one of the gospels in a prayerful way, and might also keep a journal to record your thoughts and prayers. 

>Sometime after the election we all may want to gather (by Zoom, probably) for a time of reflection.    And, may we add, when the time comes before that, remember to vote!

Rev. Ted Coolidge and Diane Reid