A Word from our Missional Priest

Dear Friends,

What is the Gospel and what is merely partisan politics? I don’t have the answer, but I feel like I am living that question as faithfully as I am able, heart open, willing to listen. As a church, following a higher authority, we are called to be humble and be a light for change in the world: to be aware of our manifold limitations and blind spots and to walk forward without fear, following Jesus. Our church means the world to me. And the world is also part of God’s mission for our church. Where do we stand?
I stand with you looking out together at a world that could use some spiritual sustenance. I know that I too need spiritual sustenance. How might we be that: for each other and for Middletown, even now,  especially now, that we cannot gather. We need your creative ideas and your desire to connect; your needs and your dreams. Please join in worship on Zoom or Facebook. YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN FACEBOOK TO WATCH. It’s like a TV channel. And please fill out our parish survey when it comes next week. Reach out to me anytime to set up a one to one Zoom call or phone conversation. And call a friend.

I look forward to offering at least one outdoor worship service in July.

In Christ,