Morning Prayer Sunday, March 29th at 9:30 a.m.

The Rev. Mary Barnett and husband David Jenkins
The newly ordained Rev. Mary Russell Barnett
and her husband, David Jenkins.

Hi Everyone!

This week: Service from my kitchen at 9:30 a.m.  Here is the link

Bring a cup of coffee and your purple candle from CHT.
We will make sacred space together.

Here is the bulletin if you would like to read along.

Ezekiel in the Valley of Bones
and Lazarus

Nothing more life giving.
For times like these.

Immediately following the service there will be a Kid’s Coffee Hour Zoom Room.  If your Sunday School aged child would like to join in and say “hi” to their classmates, email me
and I will send you a link.


The Ordination of Mary Russell Barnett

mary barnett

The Rev. Mary Barnett’s ordination to the priesthood, originally planned for March 25 at the church, had to be rescheduled.  But never fear, the ordination is still on, albeit at a different time and place, with Bishop Ian Douglas still presiding.  Mary’s ordination will now take place at a small gathering at The Commons in Meriden on Monday, March 23, at 6:00 PM.

“I am so humbled and honored that my long long journey to ordination has brought me into the arms of the Holy Trinity community,” Mary said. “Surely there is a prescience, as well as a wideness in God’s mercy, in that! I am looking forward to having everyone present in spirit and online!”

To watch the ordination service, just go to Holy Trinity’s Facebook page Monday at 6:00 PM for a live-stream broadcast of the proceedings.  You can view the bulletin here. Mary Russell Barnett ordination

Virtual Church

Dear Companions in Christ,

At the recommendation of our bishops, we are moving worship online for the next two weeks at the very least, and we will not hold services at Holy Trinity, Middletown.  Mary Anne will stream Morning Prayer this Sunday, March 22nd at 9:30 AM from the sanctuary at Holy Trinity.

Join her!  Below is the bulletin for Sunday’s worship.

Lent 4 Morning Prayer

But know this. We are not canceling church; we’re changing the venue. After all, we don’t go to church, we are the church. And there are ways we can be together thanks to developments in technology. We can build community through adversity; that is for sure.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Mary and Mary Anne