Ministries Interest Inventory

Dear Friends,

We want everyone in this community to work towards supporting and nourishing one another as a parish family, as we grow spiritually in our life together. The attached booklet is an attempt to give a brief description all of the various activities, groups, and areas of service that make up the ministries here. On the last page, you will find a contact person for each ministry should you want to learn more or get involved.

You will also find a form with all the ministries listed where you can communicate your interest in leading or participating in any ministry.   You are free to choose as many as you’d like to support and the time commitment will depend on your availability.   Please consider volunteering to lead a ministry since there are several ministries in need of a leader as noted in the booklet.  We’re at a critical point where we may need to stop some ministries if there’s no leader or sufficient participation.

If there is an activity or ministry that you would like to see happening that is not listed here, please speak to a member of the Vestry.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to God through the use of your time, gifts and talent.  We pray that you can join us.

Please hand your completed form to a member of the Vestry or send it electronically to Church of the Holy Trinity,

You can also find printed copies in the church sanctuary, near the entrance.