Path to Future Outlined at Annual Meeting

Dana 1.28.18

If all goes according to plan, Dana Campbell will have retired as interim rector at Holy Trinity before the end of this year, and a new half-time rector will have taken her place. Transition team chair Andy Milliken reported at the parish annual meeting January 28 that the team is completing its initial survey of groups and individuals in the congregation to identify qualities to seek in candidates for the position. This information will be incorporated into a “parish portfolio” that will be matched against a national database of eligible candidates.

Warden Taylor Duckworth addressed the vestry’s decision to go from a full-rime to a half-time priest. She noted the diocese requires that the parish be able to guarantee a rector’s salary for five years. “Our long-term picture is we cannot sustain a full-time priest five years into the future,” she said. The vestry is currently working with Dana to determine the essential duties of a part-time priest, with parishioners picking up other responsibilities currently performed by the rector.
Members of the congregation reelected Taylor Duckworth and Andre Bishop as wardens for 2018 and Pam Fergsuon as treasurer. Ashley Pierce will take over as parish clerk this coming year. See photo below for the full roster of wardens, vestry and delegates to the diocesan convention.

2018 Vestry.png

Vestry and officers for 2018 — Front Row: Susan Colby (vestry), Taylor Duckworth (warden), Ashley Pierce (vestry, clerk), Andre Bishop (warden), Pam Ferguson (treasurer), Helen Feeley (vestry), Tracy Halstead (alternate delegate to convention); Second Row: Ty Warren (vestry), Joan Hedrick (vestry), Diane Reid (delegate to convention), Ron Reid (delegate to convention), Hector Pinero (vestry). Not pictured: Suzanne Scibilia (asst. treasurer), Kris Bachanalal (vestry), Enid Healey (vestry), Steve Horst (vestry, alternate delegate to convention).

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